About Cove 

Named after the ubiquitous feature along the coast of Maine.  Based in the seacoast region of Southern Maine many coves have provided safe haven for generations of Mariners.  Like the land feature, Cove Events llc is here to provide your company safety and security when navigating the world of event management.


Rebecca Faherty has been managing and coordinating conferences, tradeshows, and corporate retreats for more than 18 years. 


Founder & CEO

Rebecca Faherty

Born and raised in Maine, Rebecca set off to explore, leaving the Maine coast for many years, but she kept coming back.  In 2005 she returned to the Maine coast, and has not left since.

Cove Events llc is based 1 1/2 hours north of Boston and 20 minutes from Portland Maine, in the seacoast town of Kennebunk.


She can be reached at rebecca@coveevents.com